Best Seller Bars Variety Pack

€32,99 €32,99

There is no better introduction to The Beginnings best seller bars range. Raw protein bars: Almond Cocoa & Peanut Protein bars and Great taste awarded Mango Chia bar and real raw Brownies Chocolate bar.

Variety Pack of 20 includes: 5 bars of each flavor.

Almond Cocoa & Peanut 
You'll find a whole cacao bean in this Cocoa protein bar - crunchy cacao nibs, cacao powder join in to create a complete chocolate delight.
The delicious flavor of peanuts perfectly combines with creamy peanut butter melts in your mouth.

Mango & Brownies bar
Awarded with Great Taste award in 2020 — Mango & Chia Bar is literally the stuff of legends. Brownie bar is our best-seller and our clients just can't get enough of it!

All natural, dense with nutrients in every bite. Vegan friendly & free from artificial 'wonders'.

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Recognized for great taste and ticking every nutritionists checkbox imaginable