Only 100% natural products.

This idea is carried through in every single product. Be it a single flax seed or a coconut, each ingredient used in particular recipe should be whole food. That is — tasty and nutritious in its own right.

Take our banana bar for example.

1 date, 1 spoon of gluten free oats, a drop of almond butter and a banana.

Using only real food as an ingredient makes our products a part of balanced, healthy diet. Who would have thought? ;) Fibers, nutrients, minerals... list goes on.

All our products are:

Natural & Glute Free

Our products tick all checkboxes, to a point where dietitians(!) started to recommend them as a great way to snack — packed with nutrients, free from junk.

Whole Food & High Fiber

All our products are made using simple, whole food ingredients we source outselves. Tasty, nutrient-rich, familiar products you are eating everyday.

Award-winning taste

Our ambition to craft taste experiences earned us several Great Taste awards. Established by The Guild of Fine Food it’s the world’s most trusted seal of approval.