How it is made.

We are hunting for ingredients, running the factory, producing cookies, bars, chips, everything in between for more than a decade now. So how does one go about making 100% natural products? Have a peek at the process behind our best-selling Cacao Bars.

A glimpse of our state-of-the-art facility where mixers, grinders, ovens, humidifiers and conveyor belts are nicely humming along.

This mixer did not touch anything but the natural.

First — think up a good recipe. Each flavour in our range starts as an experiment: a drop of agave syrup here, a spoon of gluten free oats there, every little bit matters. Great, unique taste cannot be outsourced or copied off-the-shelf, it can only be crafted in-house.

The uncut cacao bars resting on the plates.

Secondly — make sure you source the best ingredients. Every bite of cacao almond bar boasts nutty crunchiness and oozes chocolatey cacao. Put simply, the bar is only as good as the ingredient we've sourced for it, and we do source the best stuff around. 

Sliding along onto the packing section.

Now that the cacao almond mass is cut and passed a good few rounds of tasting (can't have too many of these) the bars are finally deemed worthy of sharing with the rest of the world. Packed fresh, right then and there, at the exactly right humidity and temperature, preserving of every possible quality our products are famous for.

Voilà! We give you the Cacao Almond Protein Bar. Ready to be shipped for the enjoyment of foodies, athletes, students, superheroes and numerous others all over the world.

Every flavour & product (and we do have a good hundred of those already) is subject to the same thorough and careful process.