Protein Bars

Packing 15G of protein into a single serving. No added sugar.

A selection of exotic flavours to sweeten the holidays

Choose what we have chosen — The Natural.

Flapjacks are finally here!

Oat lovers, this one is for you.

100% natural snacks

Our products are free from artificial "wonders" of food technology. We've simply chosen the natural. From a flax seed to a coconut, each ingredient we put into our products is a whole food. Tasty and nutritious. Good for you.

The Family

From breakfast → to afternoon snack → to energy boost during the ironman.
We truly have it all covered.

Produced on our own factory to highest food standards

Great brands taste better and we’ve excelled at crafting superb flavour. Dedication to bringing forth fantastic products earned us shelf spaces in stores all over Europe.

Natural & Gluten free

Our products tick all checkboxes, to a point where dietitians(!) started to recommend them as a great way to snack — packed with nutrients, free from junk.

High Fiber & Whole Food

All our products are made using simple, whole food ingredients we source outselves. Tasty, nutrient-rich, familiar products you are eating everyday.

Award-winning taste

Our ambition to craft taste experiences earned us several Great Taste awards. Established by The Guild of Fine Food it’s the world’s most trusted seal of approval.

From the people
From the people
I am truly grateful this snack exists! The sour taste and juiciness which does not leave me hungry afterwards, but rather brighten my mind. Thank you for offering such product!
— Alessia Covello
From the people
Cant rave enough about these crackers. I eat them for breakfast every morning.
— Alison Traun
From the people
It's nearly impossible to find cookies without palm oil. Then we stumbled upon The Beginnings. At last! No palm oil!
— Olga Dolder-Prozorovskaya

Whole Food

Healthy, nutritious food is not a buzz word for us. It's what we practice everyday, being among the very first to start producing whole food snacks in Europe, more than a decade ago.