How it is made.
Raw Crackers.

About time we to tell a «How it is made» story on the savoury part of The Beginnings product range — namely: Flour Free Crackers. So let us put aside sweet & sour exotic fruits and berries (for now) and talk vegetables and herbs! More specifically Tomatoes and Pumpkins.

Packed with golden flax seeds rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Technically speaking, pumpkins and tomatoes are in fact berries too ;) But what really matters though is the care we put into sourcing finest specimen, the processing that keeps all nutrients intact and how a mere snacks can be an excellent addition to healthy diet.

Pumpkin, Flaxseeds, Sunflower & Pumpkin Seeds, Garlic, Oregano and a pinch of Sea Salt. The simplicity of the whole foods that we offer is at a glance here. Very few brands can open up about their production, for us at The Beginnings though it’s easy and a real pleasure.

The Beginnings Pumpkin crackers contain 61% pumpkins. No gimmicks.

Next: we keep state-of-the-art mixers busy and once the thickness of the mix is just right we spread it evenly on trays for industrial humidifiers to do their magic. During the next 24 hours (under mild temps — not exceeding 45 degrees celcius) exceptionally crispy texture develops and those seeking a good crunch will be delighted. 

Be it a pumpkin, tomato or any other berry for that matter, every ingredient gets some special love. Notice how we use THE WHOLE PUMPKIN — this is to add as much fiber (and taste) on the nutrition table as possible. The Beginnings Pumpkin Crackers have 61% raw pumpkins in them. A feat like that really needs no further comment.

The excellent taste we produce is equally deserving of a family picknick and a fine dining experience. So next time you are getting invited to either of these events or simply craving savoury, filling afternoon snack — make sure to grab The Beginnings Crackers. We have 7 different flavours to please a wide crowd of foodies and beginners alike.