Who We Are

Products for the body & mind

We were into good, healthy food way before producing first cookie.
The idea of The Beginnings stems from our own perspective on life, food, nature & people.

For as long as we can remember we ran marathons, went on hikes, loved nature, raced our bicycles with friends, we even did IRONMANS.
We enjoy tasty food & healthy diet. The Beginnings is simply an extension of the active living we practice ourselves.


We are beloved & well recognized brand. Producing healthy, whole food snacks way before it became a 'thing'. Present on the shelves of all significant store chains in Europe.


Founding and running The Beginnings for a decade, Martins brings 10+ years of food industry experience.
Among the very first to champion healthy food & balanced diet.

All of the energy he has left after doing ironmans, he's puting where it matters the most — creating products for healthier everyday.

Mārtiņš Vētra



We are based in Latvia. Home to many great ingredients (especially berries) we put in our products.