How it is made.

A natural ;) follow up to our «How it is made» series where we delve into production side of The Beginnings products. This time we’re going to shed light on how Raw Blackcurrant Cookies are made. An easy product to pick since this particular flavour is our best selling cookie.

Note: we're using the whole apple. Always.

The original recipe dates back to 2010 and is arguably among the very first alternatives to flour based cookies. Combined with the fact that ONE THIRD of the cookie is made of fresh berries puts us a mile above most brands. So let us unpack 'secrets' behind its popularity.

Sweet and sour combination of blackcurrants and agave.

First things first. The ingredients. Average cookie’s ingredients resemble more of a chemistry masterclass than a list, taking up a paragraph. The Beginnings way? We manage with only FIVE: Blackcurrant, Coconut, Cashew, Agave Syrup and Apple.

With a list this short and this tasty the process just got to be as simple. Grind ingredients into a paste and mix everything together. It may seem like a stretch to call this a secret, but we are using top notch industrial grinders to keep blackcurrant juices inside the pulp.

Ready to be dried at 45 degrees celcius.

Blackcurrants, apples & cashews have lots of nutrients in them. To preserve vitamins and properties not only you have to cut products properly you also need to prepare it exactly the right way. Spread thin on trays our cookies are dried for 24 hours at only 45 degrees celcius.

Yes, we do take our sweet time to ensure this cookie is the next best thing to a handful of freshly picked blackcurrant berries.

Unlike a handful of blackcurrant berries though, you can actually take a pack of The Beginnings cookies anywhere with you: be it a fast plane, mountainous hike, marathon or a business meeting.

So there you go. No flour, eggs or gluten, slow dried. Naturally, each & every flavour in raw cookie series is like that. Rigorously crafted.

Stay tuned for more behind the scenes.