Do you struggle to find an inspiration for starting a fit and healthy lifestyle? Or maybe you're already on the healthy track but feel like slipping off a little bit. Most of us have been there and that's totally ok. 

To get those healthy juices flowing, I've collected a list of 10 best wellness bloggers (both female and male) that will inspire you to eat well and get fit. Our team at The Beginnings healthy snacks can say for sure that all of these bloggers give an incredible value with their content and message (we've tested the workouts and the recipes!).

Are you ready to get inspired?

1. Pamela Reif

10 best wellness bloggers

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Pamela is a 22 years old German fitness and lifestyle blogger with more than 4 million followers on Instagram. She shares very effective home workout videos on her Youtube channel (trust me, I've tried them :).

On her other Instagram channel @pamgoesnuts Pamela shares healthy food ideas and recipes – scroll though it whenever you feel a lack of inspiration to cook something healthy!

Why you should follow Pamela Reif? For effective home workouts and recipes.

2. Boho Beautiful

10 best wellness bloggers

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Boho Beautiful is a team of two – Juliana and Mark. They travel the world and record beautiful yoga and meditation videos as well as often share their healthy meals and travel adventures. 

At the moment they inspire more than 1 million subscribers on Youtube to be active and stay mindful with their every day choices. 

Why you should follow Boho Beautiful? For free video yoga classes and healthy food inspiration.

3. Kevin Curry 

10 best wellness bloggers

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Kevin Curry has a simple yet powerful message: "Our bodies are build in the kitchen, sculpted in the gym." He started his blog FitMenCook back in the 2012 to share his meals online in order to build a community around healthy food and to keep himself accountable and motivated. 

Kevin used to be overweight but after changing his eating and exercise habits, he now has a lot to teach to other people. He has a Youtube channel with more than 500K subscribers where he shares different ideas for meal preps and healthy recipes. 

Why you should follow Kevin Curry? For healthy recipes and meal plan ideas.

4. Amanda Meixner

10 best wellness bloggers

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Amanda, also know as @meowmeix on Instagram, is a nutrition expert and non-toxic lifestyle advocate who shares valuable and fun info-graphs on food, fitness and wellbeing in general.

Her Instagram channel is vibrant and filled with healthy snacking ideas, food comparisons and tips on healthy lifestyle.

Why you should follow Amanda Meixner? For healthy snack ideas, nutrition tips and recipes.

5. Chris Heria 

10 best wellness bloggers

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Chris is a founder and CEO of the fitness program ThenX, a workout routine involving calisthenics and weights. He also founded the Calisthenics Academy, The Miami Trainer and co-founded Calisthenics Evolution Institute.

In his Youtube channel, Chris shares different workout series, valuable training tips and also food that he eats.

Why you should follow Chris Heria? For effective workout videos.

6. Sadia Badiei

10 best wellness bloggers

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Sadia is a dietician who's born in Canada but lives in Netherlands. She's sharing healthy plant-based recipes and tips on wholesome living on both her blog and her Youtube channel Pick Up Limes where she has a community of more than 1,5 million people. 

Although Sadia shares lots of different recipe ideas and tips on nutrition, she also has plenty of videos on other wellness related topics like time management tips, how to cultivate healthy habits, guide to minimalism and more. 

Why you should follow Sadia Badiei? For healthy meal ideas and nutrition tips.

7. Rich Roll

10 best wellness bloggers

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Rich is a 50-year old vegan ultra-endurance athlete and former entertainment attorney. He's now a full-time wellness & plant-based nutrition advocate, public speaker, #1 bestselling author and a father or 4. Together with his wife Julie, Rich hosts plant-based wellness retreats all around the world.

In 2013 Rich launched his wildly popular Rich Roll Podcast where he interviews many thought leaders on wellness, sports, nutrition, spirituality and more. His podcast guests include Tony Hawk, Tim Ferris, Wim Hof and more.

Why you should follow Rich Roll? For deep and inspiring conversations with the world's top performers.

8. Abbey Sharp 

10 best wellness bloggers

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Abbey is a dietitian blogger, tv & digital spokesperson and a cookbook author.  

In her Youtube channel Abbey's Kitchen she shares very interesting and valuable reviews of other people's diets as well as nutrition tips and many plant-heavy and healthy recipes.

Why you should follow Abbey Sharp? For healthy recipes, insight on different diets and nutrition tips.

9. David Frenkiel & Luise Vindahl 

10 best wellness bloggers

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David together with Luise and their 3 kids shares vibrant and healthy vegetarian recipes on their blog Green Kitchen Stories. They also have two award-winning recipe apps. Their delicious creations are mostly made from whole-foods with a minimum of gluten, sugar and dairy products.

Together they've developed many cookbooks and they also share family and kid-friendly recipe videos on their Youtube Channel

Why you should follow David and Luise? For healthy vegetarian recipes.

10. Maddie Lymburner 

10 best wellness bloggers

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Maddie is a healthy plant-based recipe blogger and a fitness enthusiast. On her Youtube channel MADFIT she shares different workout videos.

When you watch Maddie's Youtube workouts, you feel like you have your own personal trainer! Her workouts are very effective (yes, tried them :) and mostly ask for no extra equipment (so you can easily do them at home on your mat). 

Why you should follow Maddie Lymburner? For home workout videos and healthy recipes.

So this concludes the list of 10 best wellness bloggers that will inspire you to eat well and get fit! Whenever you feel a lack of motivation or just feel like slipping off the track, revisit this list, find the person who resonates with you and get inspired from them. 

Who's your favorite wellness blogger? Spread the word and share him or her in the comments below! 

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May 30, 2019 — Laine Rudolfa

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